woensdag 9 oktober 2013

1949 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

This vehicle was created from scratch in Autodesk Maya. The car features highly detailed underbody and suspension components, high detail interior. Every single part of the car was meticulously researched to ensure it is as period-correct and accurate as possible. The model has around 60.000 polygons and uses 9 UV-sets. Each UV-set has 3 or 4 texture maps(including normal map, specular map, diffuse map, and optionally a glow-map or damaged-state texture), resulting in 32 high quality textures, some photo-sourced, some hand-painted.
A node and beam structure was created from scratch, by hand, using the BeamNG.Drive game-engine, resulting in extremely realistic real-time crash-damage deformation. The car also features a convertible canvas roof that folds in real-time using the node-and-beam engine(the same technology that makes the car deform in a crash, also deforms the roof and makes the suspension move). This all happens in real-time in-game, without needing a single pre-animated mesh(unlike other games).

The vehicle is available for download for free from the BeamNG website for all BeamNG.Drive Alpha-owners.

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Special thanks to: 
Gabe Fink('Gabester') - Helping me get started in the engine, beta-testing
'Dkutch' - beta-testing, construction tips

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